I'm all about the madly in love and adventurous ones. Your love story is yours, and that's exactly why I want to tell it — because it’s unlike anything else.

I love to travel. No place is too far, and I typically offer discounts if it’s somewhere on my bucket list or somewhere I’ll already be traveling to!


I have a heart for capturing the good in the world & sharing it with others. I know firsthand how hard, but rewarding & important humanitarian work can be. It's my honor to capture the work your organization is doing. Whether you're empowering women, building orphanages, or working with artisans, if you have a heart for humanity, I'm your girl.

I want your donors + supporters to connect on a visual level so they can truly understand your impact & the impact they have when they support you.


Brand content, product, styled shoots — let’s get creative together & bring that vision you have for your brand to life.

I won’t just be your photographer. I’ll help dream up ideas, plan the shoot, style it, and even give you tips on how to present the content in a way that best represents your brand’s identity.

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